About the Ontario Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) and Reducing the Global Adjustment Portion of Large Energy Users' Electricity Bills

component of their overall energy bill often representing over 70%. Energy users not in the ICI program are charged based on their energy consumption only (kWh). By participating in the ICI Program (becoming what is called a Class A customer), the customer will be charged based on a combination of their energy consumption and their demand during the top 5 peak hours in the year.

As an ICI participant, energy users can achieve large cost saving by [reducing demand] taking energy reduction measures at the same time as the provincial peaks. Understanding when these peaks will occur and taking appropriate action are the keys to enabling this significant saving opportunity. NRG Peaks has been reliably and successfully helping many of Ontario’s largest energy users achieve this since 2010. 


The Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) program was introduced by the IESO in 2010 to reduce the costs of managing Ontario’s power grid.

Power grids are designed and built to meet the peak electricity consumption in a year. Often, these periods of peak demand are infrequent and brief. This leaves the grid with unused capacity for a large majority of the year. The ICI program was created to reduce the demand during peak periods resulting in reduced infrastructure investment and decreased reliance on the most expensive generation sources.

By participating in the ICI program and reducing power during peak hours, customers reduce the portion of their bill known as Global Adjustment (GA). For many large energy users, GA is a major