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Ontario's largest energy users rely on us including auto plants, cement manufacturers, steel plants, beverage factories, commercial office towers, and industrial greenhouses


What is NRG Peaks’ peak prediction service?

NRG Peaks is the trusted service used by Ontario’s large energy users to predict the 5 hours of peak electricity demand in Ontario each year.  By providing our customers the best intelligence, software and tools to respond to peak events, we enable hundreds of millions in energy savings for our customers each year.   We built our platform over the years with our users input top-of-mind, meaning it is intuitive, accurate, actionable, and reliable.


Why do large energy users choose NRG Peaks?

NRG Peaks is the innovative company that provides the most trusted peak prediction services to Ontario’s large energy users.  Having provided peak prediction services in Ontario since 2010, NRG Peaks understands both the science and art behind a successful peak reduction strategy.  Large energy users trust NRG Peaks because of our proven track record, experience and continuing leadership in predictive analytics, market intelligence, and user experience. 

If you are a commercial or industrial energy user call us today to learn how you can start reducing your energy bills with Ontario’s most established and market leading peak prediction service.